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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ah Blog....

...where have you been? Or more to the point, where have I been? So, in bebo, somebody seems to have tapped into the most basic of students needs-wasting time enjoyably. It's the optical equivalent of stuffing yourself with battered mars bars. It's becoming phenomenonly phenomenon. So much so that it seems to be having a detrimental effect on students grammar. Popular mistakes that have crept into the psyche of the students normally serene inner word pool are phrases like "phenomenonly phenomenon" which are just not rite. Anyway, yes bebo is a huge waste of time. At the moment, I think we/it is just riding the wave but I'm sure it'll crash on the shore pretty soon...I hope. The sooner the better for the universities of Ireland. Otherwise we're going to end up with a generation of beboers who failed out of college.


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