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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


This post is just to get everything in my little black book up on t'internet. My little black book is the little black book that I got as mo mhamaí. The little black book that I got as mo mhamaí is the little black book that I got as mo mhamaí for Christmas. The little black book that I got as mo mhamaí is the little black diary that I got as mo mhamaí for Christmas. The little black diary that I got as mo mhamaí for Christmas is the little black diary that I got as mo mhamaí for Christmas that I am going to write my random 'personal' stuff in...don't ask me why I'm putting it on the web...think of it as back-up I suppose, like The Boy Wonder...or maybe Alfred would be a better illustration. It just struck me how the start of this post is like something that the UL band Free Beer would sing. ('The bog in the hole, the hole in the tree, the branch in the tree.....aaaaaaaaaand the bog down in the valley-oh'. I'm not quite sure what a 'valley-oh' is. I presume it's much the same as a 'valley' but with more surprise factor...
I think I'm going to try to make this fairly already stated and just saying stuff that's on my mind and in that sense, I suppose it might get fairly personal but I don't tend to stray into talking personally about other people cos I don't think that's very cool plus they might start making money off it á la Larry David's neighbour Kramer (the 'real' Kramer) who seems to run some kind of a money-making racket involving a bus and the scant celebrity status somewhat afforded him by his name-sake's appearance in Seinfeld. Anyway, that last bit was as much to remind me of what I seek to achieve (or not) much like The Declaration of Independence.
Actually I've just made a spontaneous split second decision that I'm not going to write what's in my little black diary, or at least not everything that's in there. Maybe just some nuggets of stuff. Okay, so less talk, more action...I wonder would it be feasible to convert the whole English speaking world to say "Let's talk more action" instead of "Less talk, more action". I'm gonna do my best. Also, any little black book stuff will be in a different colour I think, although I can imagine this whole LBB thing dwindling out of my blog fairly fast.
Can ants feel atoms?
Does our thought process at night become more vibrant because most of our senses are not really being used?
Maybe God made the universe so big to give us some idea of the magnitude of his love for us.
Just some follow ups. I've decided, without many proper calculations of any sort, that ANTS CANNOT IN FACT FEEL ATOMS. Now I know this may come as a shock and a surprise to many who have chewed this question over in their mind but I decided on this answer because, an ants feeler is about 10^-4 m across and the diameter of an atom is about 10^-11 m, which means that there is about 7 orders of magnitude in between the two. I suppose a better way of phrasing the question is 'If a human was the size of an ant, would it be able to feel an atom'. I can't remember which book I read it in how small a particle a human finger can sense. It was either the The Life of Pi or A Short History of Nearly Everything. Anyway, for an ant-sized human to feel an atom, considering the human finger is about 10^-2 m across, it would mean in human-sized terms, that we would have to be able to sense a particle of about 10^-9 or seven orders of magnitude smaller. Now I know there's all kinds of other factors involved like nerve endings etc. so that's all I'm going to say about it.
I think these three questions/statements are directly related-late night thinking linking them all. You know when you're lying in bed and you start imagining all kinds of crazy stuff like "Imagine if I had super-powers, what would that be like?" and many relationship-related things like "Maybe when she said that she prefers marmalade to jam, that's because that one time, three years ago, that orange three fell on her donkey when she was in Spain and she inadvertently nurtured a love for oranges because, my how she disliked the incessant braying of that quadruped" (I've learned so much language from The Simpsons including such adjectives as 'incessant' and such educational films as "Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly," and "Here Comes the Metric System!"). Anyway, yes I have a theory that because our senses such as hearing, looking, tasting and smelling are all pretty much redundant when we're trying to get to sleep, our thinking compensates by kicking into overdrive. Maybe similar to the way blind men have really good hearing...apparently. That's just a theory but if it holds water, I coined it.
The last question I was thinking of was "Why did God make the universe so big?" I came up with a few half-satisfactory answers:
a) Because He could
b) So that it'd be really interesting for us to live in
c) So that, we might have something to compare the magnitude of His love for us with.
I think it really is impossible to understand the size of the universe...absolutely impossible. I was also trying to imagine what it would be like if the universe wasn't so huge...say if it was the size of Castletroy or Limerick, but I haven't got to the end of the packet yet.
Anyway, I think that's enough for one rambling, I better lay out my timetable for study for the next two days.


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