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Friday, July 18, 2008

What difference does God make in your life? #1

Where to start? My return to blogging could find no worthier question than this...a part of me feels like listing all the things that God has or does do for me (I don't mean that in a kind of "He's my personal servant" kind of way). Another part of me feels, surely I could make this more interesting by maybe going through a whole day or week or something and list all the things that God has done for me or the difference that God makes in my life...

Hmm...Well firstly, if God is who I know him to be then the difference he makes cannot be comprehended by the human mind simply because if God ceased to make the difference that he makes, then I wouldn't exist and I can't get my brain around the idea of me not existing, whether it be before I was born or after I die. I believe the reason that I can't get my brain around this is not because my brain is too small, no it's something more profound than that altogether because of course my brain can tell me in many ways what it would be like for me not to exist: somebody else would rent my room for example. However, because my brain is there to guide me and keep me thinking well, a good-functioning brain will immediately ward me away from these thoughts because my brain is connected to my soul and spirit and so it knows that because eternity is written on my heart, it defies the logic of my heart to think about such things and so my brain, though it can when pushed, will generally decline going down such a dark alley...much like I imagine a dog will growl when there's an intruder outside that we are unaware of but the dog knows won't be helpful.

So I genuinely believe it is that mind-bending to try to think what difference God makes in my life for if He weren't there, I wouldn't be here. That is how major it is. I owe not only my existence to him but my continued existence to him. For me, that's the bedrock truth.

Then there's the fact that because God is holy, it means that if I am to please him, I too must strive to be holy. I can try to do this under my own steam but will fail. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. If you are being realistic about denying the truth of this, you must be rigorous in seeking to undermine it. We have a tendency to be very selective in what we remember so write down a list of things (or even one thing) that you will endeavour to do or keep for a week or a month, and see how long it is before you fail to do it. (Or something that you will not do for a month.) Now this is the most legalistic way of looking at it but sometimes we need to be that basic with ourselves because we are so in denial of who we are and what we at. Every single human being will fail to not only live up to God's standard but also to the standard of others around them and even their own standards. Realising this, I am in a dilly of a pickle...If I owe my very existance to God and yet he is so holy that I can't even approach him, what I am to do?

To be continued...(after a delicious lunch of apple, cheese and sausages while watching Seinfeld).


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